About Us

GFG aims to establish a multinational consulting company that caters to corporations seeking to develop new business operations in the emerging centers of global trade. These centers are located along the axis of investment and trade flows between the Gulf’s wealthy oil-producing states and the dynamic investment opportunities of Southeast Asia, a market with over 600 million people.

Our goal is to help our clients capitalize on this new dynamic, which has yet to be fully understood by North American corporations and even companies in the axis region, such as Malaysia or Singapore. We believe that there is a lack of competition in business consulting services between ASEAN and the GCC, and we intend to take advantage of this gap in the market.

Although we have been informed that firms from the EU, US, and Asia are already moving and preparing to enter these dynamic markets, we believe that there is still room for growth and that North American legal and consulting firms are currently under-serving them.

Our primary focus is on the Middle East, which is the key market in our overall strategy. Our first conference, held in Dubai in February 2014 and sponsored by one of our partners, was well-attended, indicating a significant interest in developing business links to this overlooked market in the Middle East region.

Our firm emphasizes the importance of planning ahead to anticipate developing market opportunities and positioning ourselves to take full advantage of them by being the first on the ground to work these opportunities for the benefit of our clients. This approach allows us to be prepared for potential major changes, so we have started with a preliminary focus on the Middle East.